Dublin is a lost girl who ran away from home. She first came to the airport to get on a plane, but didn’t. She stayed in the airport until she finally disappeared from the human world. She lives in the airport with a family of Polar bears and together they forage for food to eat.

Dublin has two close friends, Kowalski and Vecchio, two polar bears who tell her stories of their life in Churchill, Canada.

She doesn’t remember much about her life before she came to the airport. She is able to speak bear language and can communicate with the polar bears around her. She wears whatever clothes she finds that have been left behind on the airport, but her favourite item is a Hudson bay blanket that she wears as a dress. She loves mobile phones and electrical devices, as she loves the lights and sounds they make, but she’s scared of the noise of the payphone ringing in the airport.

When the bears decide to leave the airport, she meets and befriends a young Mountie, Smoke. She immediately feels like she can trust him, because he feels like a bear to her.


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November 21, 2012 · 3:15 pm

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