Bearology is a serialised novel for children, young adults and adults alike, written and illustrated by Klara Piechocki. The book is being released as audio books chapter by chapter, and is also being released later next year as an illustrated book.

Follow this blog for chapter updates as they appear, illustrations of the characters and giftware.

You can also follow Klara’s storytelling & design blog at www.klara.co.uk.


‘Bearology’ is the story of a young lost woman called Dublin who lives in a Hawaiian airport with a family of escaped polar bears. Dublin ran away from home but never got on her plane, and now she can’t remember much about her previous life- it’s all just balloons to her.

The polar bears she lives with were being flown to a zoo because they were starving in their home, near Churchill, in Canada. Their plane caught fire and they fell into the ocean near Hawaii and swam to shore, and now forage for food in the airport. People used to be able to see Dublin, but she has learnt to disappear like the bears, and now she lives uninterrupted by humans with her new bear family, unseen by anyone else. Dublin’s deepest desire is to have a home and a family again, and she has found that with the bears.

However, life is hard for all of them, foraging for scraps everyday and the bears decide to leave the airport, and take their chances back in Canada even though food is just as scarce there. Dublin wants to go with her new family, but they firmly but lovingly tell her that she doesn’t have the skin for where they’re going, as Northern Canada is too cold and wild for a lost girl in a blanket dress. She can’t go with the bears but she’s also too scared to join the real world again.

She meets a Mountie, Smoke, who is being escorted back to Canada in disgrace. He escapes the other mounties and together he and Dublin leave the airport and begin the long journey back to Canada.


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  1. Wow! Such imagination, imagery and originality!
    Really looking forward to you bringing your talent and creative genius to our Brighton Craft Fair Easter event on Saturday 30 March 2013.
    Chris and Soman, Brighton Craft Fair Team

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