Bearology Chapter 2

February 28th 2013 –


Bearology Chapter 2

(Runtime- 32 minutes. MP3 format. )

The second instalment of the adventures of Dublin and her Polar Bear family. Dublin and Smoke find themselves on the other side of the world. They befriend a herd of elephants and take a dangerous train journey…

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Each chapter will be available on the 1st of each month of 2013. You can also buy a subscription and pre-buy all the chapters now. They’ll be emailed to you every month as they’re released on the 1st.

There’ll be 10 chapters in total- one every month. A subscription to all 10 will be £12.99 . (That’s a saving of £6.91!)

Psst.. if you buy chapter 1 and then decide you want to subscribe, then add a note to your order and I’ll refund the first £1.99 you paid.

Subscription at £12.99

10 chapters, one per month on the 1st.

Hop over to my main site to buy your subscription.

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Sam Smoke is a young Mountie who is being escorted back to Canada in disgrace because of something he did wrong. He is a honourable and kind hearted young man that is genuinely sorry for his mistake. He wants to go home to Canada, but doesn’t want to go in handcuffs.

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Dublin is a lost girl who ran away from home. She first came to the airport to get on a plane, but didn’t. She stayed in the airport until she finally disappeared from the human world. She lives in the airport with a family of Polar bears and together they forage for food to eat.

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November 21, 2012 · 3:15 pm